Business and Community Relations

Breda is, not without reason, known as the best city centre in the Netherlands. Beautiful and vibrant, it is a relatively small city with a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The combination of rich history, stunning architecture and the wide variety of things to do all year round, make it an attractive city for tourists, residents and businesses alike. Nestled in the countryside of Brabant, Breda is close to the Belgian border and has excellent road and rail links with the rest of the Netherlands and Western Europe.

The International School Breda owes its existence to a progressive partnership between public and private organisations called our Founding Fathers, who believed that having international education available nearby is important to attracting and retaining international talent and knowledge.

We remain committed to developing our relations with local organisations, regional business communities and city councils to ensure the continued growth of Breda as an international city. We are always seeking ways to interact with and develop partnerships so that expats, inpats and their children can build a life in Breda and make the most of their new home, even if that home is a temporary one.

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