ISB communicates the dates and times of upcoming events and staff development days for both Primary and Secondary in the School Calendar (please click on the link below).

School Calendar 2023-2024

Dates for the School holidays for 2023-2024 can be found below: 

Details From: To (and including):
Summer Holiday Monday 17 July 2023 Friday 25 August 2023
Autumn Holiday Monday 16 October 2023 Friday 20 October 2023
Winter Holiday Monday 25 December 2023 Friday 5 January 2024
Spring Holiday Monday 12 February 2024 Friday 16 February 2024
Easter Monday 1 April 2024   
May Holiday  Monday 22 April 2024  Friday 3 May 2023
Hemelvaart (Ascension) Holiday Thursday 9 May 2024 Friday 10 May 2024
Whitsun Holiday Monday 20 May 2024
Summer Holiday Monday 8 July 2024 Friday 16 August 2024
The dates for Staff development days can be found in the School Calendar.



School fees

Pupil Withdrawal

We try to keep paperwork to a minimum at ISB, but from time to time we may need you to submit various forms in writing.

Planned absences


Completed forms can be submitted by email to


ISB Policies


P.E. uniform

Students are required to wear the ISB sports kit during their Physical Education lessons. This should be purchased before the start of the school year. The ISB sports kit can be bought through our supplier BredaPrint,  located at Aardenhoek 10, 4817 NE Breda. It is possible to try on the kit for size before buying.  BredaPrint is open from Monday to Friday  between 08.30am and 12.00pm.

Please click here for special opening times during the summer holidays (July-August 2023). It is possible to try on the kit for size and purchase immediately on these dates.

The cost of the PE kit is:
T-shirt € 20
Shorts € 12,50

Extra sets may also be purchased if required. Payment should be made by bank (debit) card or with the exact amount in cash.  Breda Print kindly requests that RIVM health guidelines be respected.

Students may choose their own sports shoes, preferably designed specifically for indoor sports and should not have black soles. For outdoor sport, firm shoes are required with a good tread, suitable for real or artificial grass.

Secondary supply list



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