Mission and Vision

Our Mission
The International School Breda has a stimulating and inviting learning environment where we educate children and students to be responsible members of local, national and global communities so they can help to create a better and more peaceful world.

Our Vision
The International School Breda is an inspiring, respectful and embracing learning environment. Children and students are able to discover and explore their unique talents through first-class international education and professional care, rooted in the universal principles of tolerance, respect, integrity and open-mindedness. We aim to be a value-driven school for children and students as well as for parents.
The school makes it a priority not to exclude any religion, belief or life orientation from education. On the contrary, diversity should contribute to a broad and fulfilling life experience. It goes without saying that the school expects a similar open-mindedness from parents as well as children and students.

  • In and around Breda, the many nationalities and cultures should be able to meet freely and learn from each other. This will enrich local society and the lives and experiences of children, students and parents alike. Therefore, the International School Breda will explicitly seek collaboration with local sports clubs, cultural clubs, museums, universities and other learning opportunities in the region. Children and students will have the opportunity to learn about the many people and cultures that are The Netherlands.
  • Respect is the foundation for daily interaction with each other and the learning environment. Children, students and parents with diverse beliefs, life orientations and lifestyles should be able to interact freely, thus enhancing mutual understanding and enabling them to become principled and caring people. The school will offer a safe haven for all people and will educate the whole child not just in the expected subject areas, but also through life and learning skills lessons, thus laying the foundation for the moral compass of a cosmopolitan citizen.
  • In the knowledge that every child and student has unique talents, the school endeavours to help children and students uncover those talents and allow them to flourish. Education based on international curricula should provide this through learning opportunities that reach beyond the walls of the school.
  • The personal development of every child and student is paramount. Appreciating that children and students learn ‘anytime, anywhere,’ the focus will not exclusively be on helping children and students to think, inquire and become knowledgeable, but equally on their social-emotional development, thereby creating balanced individuals. Contemporary and inspiring programs and methods will be applied to support this effort.
  • Children and students will be encouraged to become true communicators and challenged to bring out the best in themselves by being courageous and reflective. Each day at school should enrich a child’s and student’s life and thus contribute to their development as a tolerant cosmopolitan. Children and students should be able to have fun, make friends for life, and reflect fondly on memories of their time in Breda.