Division Council

The Division Council is a representative body for students, parents, and teachers and conforms to the Dutch participatory model for schools. Via this platform, the community can give advice and has a say in the vision and planning of the school.

Four staff members, three parents, and one student (MYP5 up to DP1) form the Division Council at the ISB. All these members were elected in December 2020. Through regular meetings with management, the Division Council shares the voice of their constituents. For more information please view the ISB Division Council Rules and Regulations.

Division Council members:


Jasper Bastiaansen (Chair)
Secondary Teacher




MC van Zundert
Secondary Teacher




Edana Warburton
Primary Teacher



Wil Pelders – Admin


Somayeh Arshi (Secretary)
Primary Parent




Ivan Sulic
Primary Parent




Claudine Kusse
Secondary Parent




Ruben Jongkind
Secondary Student



Meetings take place on a monthly basis and are communicated via this portal. For questions please contact us via divisioncouncil@isbreda.com.

The next meetings will be held on the following dates:

April 7

June 23