At the ISB, we believe in igniting the imagination and curiosity of young learners. We have created a bright, interactive and stimulating environment full of great resources. Through enquiry, exploration and creativity, your child will learn both in and outdoors  through a combination of self-initiated and adult-led activities.

Our small team is enthusiastic and comprises dedicated and caring professionals, led by an experienced Early Years teacher. We ensure that everyone feels valued, secure and well cared for. Your child will be encouraged and supported to develop a love for learning and to have fun and enjoy success in all aspects of their learning.

Our child-centred approach is based on each child’s individual needs and abilities. We have a high teacher to pupil ratio, ensuring your child develops their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills through a carefully planned and structured programme. We feel it is important that Reception children have an enjoyable introduction to school life to give them a solid foundation for the more formal learning they will encounter as they move into Year 1.

We value the partnership between home and school and encourage you to play an active part in your child’s education. There are opportunities for you to get involved by supporting class activities or accompanying us on school trips.

Children are welcome to join the Reception class in August/September at the start of the academic year in which they turn five. They will move to Year 1 the following August/September. Once your child has been offered a place, we will contact you to organise a trial day, which is free of charge. After the trial we can then discuss if your child is ready to be enrolled on a full or part-time basis.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Reception class at the ISB, please contact our admissions department for further information or to arrange a visit and see our school in action.

Children’s learning experiences should be fun, exciting and challenging. We want your child to have a positive learning experience, throughout every aspect of their school life, not just in the classroom.

Children learn ‘anytime, anyplace’ and we want to help them experience new opportunities. In addition to lessons taught within the classroom, your child will have plenty of other learning opportunities, such as special events within the school and educational school trips.

Our primary team are dedicated and experienced international educators. They are passionate about your child’s development. We make sure that every child feels valued and develops as an individual. The international aspects of our school are evident throughout everything we do and we believe it is important that our children understand the different cultures and customs of their peers.

The core areas of the curriculum in Years 1-6 are Literacy, Numeracy and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). At the ISB, we use the framework of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS) and National Numeracy Strategy (NNS), part of the Primary Strategy for England.

We value the partnership between home and school and encourage you to play an active part in your child’s education. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, support class activities or accompany us on school trips.

In primary school, it is our job to teach your child the academics, but it is also about ensuring that they have the core social and emotional skills to succeed in life, such as resilience. By the time your child reaches the end of Year 6, they will have gained the knowledge, experience and skills to successfully make the transition into secondary school. We plan a programme of activities during the school year to enable a smooth transition into secondary. This prepares your child both academically and socially for the exciting challenges as they move into our secondary school.