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ISB has been featured on the IBO’s blog for our success with the MYP Personal Project. We will also be mentioned in a few upcoming posts as part of a series on successful schools and how they implement the project.

The IB requires certain assessment be “moderated” to ensure schools and teachers are applying the IB’s assessment tools correctly. This process is helpful for the teaching team to learn how to use the IBO’s assessment tools and to improve our teaching. One of those assessments that we are required to submit for moderation is the MYP Personal Project completed in MYP 5. This past year we were very successful in the mandatory moderation process – our marks were confirmed by the IB’s moderation team. We received from feedback about how to improve certain things, but our overall totals were confirmed by the IB meaning our marking was accurate. We were asked to share some of our methods to help other IB schools implement the project successfully.

Click here to read the article How to prosper with MYP personal projects: Advice from successful MYP schools

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