Menu of the week

Mon 16 December

Cauliflower curry with egg, chickpeas & brown rice (v)

– in the vegan version the eggs will be left out –

Steamed green beans


Tue 17 December

Fish stew with carrot & couscous
– in the vegetarian version the fish is replaced by lentils –


Banana-yoghurt smoothie

Wed 18 December


Roasted chicken
Potato wedges
Green peas & beans

Homemade apple sauce & homemade mayonnaise
– in the vegetarian version the chicken is replaced by homemade falafel

Thu 19 December

school is closed

Fri 20 December

school is closed


Please note that a meal can only be collected/consumed during the regular lunch break.

If you would like order frequently we recommend to order as follows: 

  • order any day from Friday 18.00h to Thursday the following week. The menu selection is indicated above.
  • ordering is not possible on Friday till 18.00h so that we can process the ordering and put the new menu available on the website
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