Corona Virus Update Sep 2021

As you may be aware, the Dutch Prime Minister held a press conference on Tuesday evening 14 September with an update to the current COVID19 restrictions.  More specifically, he announced the following changes with regard to health and safety regulations within schools.  The main changes and dates from which they may be implemented are as follows:
ISB Primary
  • If any child contracts CV19, the whole class is no longer required to go into quarantine.   
  • In case of multiple infections in one class, the whole class will be asked to quarantine
    (The above amendments are effective from 25 September)
  • (The above amendment is effective from 20 September)
  • Primary Y5-Y6 students will no longer be required to wear face masks when moving around the building 

ISB Whole School:

  • Secondary students and staff will no longer be required to maintain a 1.5m distance or be required to wear face masks when moving around the building.
    (The above amendments are effective from 25 September)
Whilst maintaining a socially distanced 1.5 meter is no longer mandatory, we do encourage students and staff to continue to give each other space as it has been proven that distance helps prevent the transmission of the virus. Other rules such as regularly washing hands, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, not shaking hands, staying home and getting tested by the GGD when showing symptoms are equally encouraged.
Secondary students and all members of staff – even if vaccinated – are advised to carry out two self-tests a week. These are available for students from the mentor upon request. 
The school will continue to ventilate the building as much as possible to ensure there is a good flow of fresh air indoors.

As an international school with a large international community, we continue to request that all families returning from a trip abroad kindly to respect the quarantine regulations in place. Please refer to the Dutch government website with information for entering or returning to the Netherlands after a period abroad as well as countries that appear on the list of high-risk countries with a virus variant of concern and high-risk countries.    


In the event of Covid-like symptoms, we ask all families and staff to refer to the Decision Trees for Primary and Secondary students. MYP1 students should follow the Secondary procedure, regardless of age. Students who have been fully vaccinated are no longer required to stay at home when a household member has tested positive, provided that the student does not have any covid-like symptoms. 


The Dutch government provides a range of information in English on its website.


We ask you to respect these rules to keep the whole ISB Community safe and allow us to keep the school open.

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