COVID-19 update new measures 28 November 2021

Yesterday, Friday 26 November, the government shared the new Covid-19 measures in their press conference. We are very pleased that schools can remain open, but we do need to make adjustments to our protocols in order to keep our staff and students as safe as we possibly can. We are counting on everyone’s collaboration in doing so.
With this letter we would like to ask for your immediate action on the following points:

– All students from Primary Year 5, Year 6 and all of Secondary will wear facemasks when moving around the building. These can be removed in class when sitting down, but there may be additional occasions when the teacher will ask for the facemasks to be used. In these cases the facemask is mandatory.

– All students from Primary Year 5, Year 6 and all of Secondary will carry out two self-tests per week, preferably on Sunday evening and on Wednesday. These will be provided by school, though initially we may have to wait for delivery in order to provide these for everyone. If there is a shortage in school, we would expect the testing to continue with tests purchased by our families. These tests never replace a PCR test as provided by the GGD.

– No one should come to school with any cold or Covid symptoms. This includes nose colds, even for the little ones. If a student develops any symptoms during the day, parents will be asked to collect them immediately and to make an appointment for a test with the GGD.

– In case of a positive test within the household, everyone goes into quarantine, regardless of symptoms and vaccination status.

– All students come into the building alone. Parents and carers have to remain outside. We are also asking parents and carers not to wait or chat outside, but to move on again as quickly as possible.

– Students can come in for classes and scheduled activities, but they should not be in school outside this time.

In school we will spend time early next week on setting further protocols for our classes and movements inside the building in order to ensure distance is kept between staff and staff/older students. We will also limit the mixing of year groups as much as possible and of course we continue with the other basic rules of washing/disinfecting our hands, sneezing/coughing into our elbows and airing/ventilating the spaces we use.

We all want our school to stay open and we all want our loved ones to stay healthy, so hopefully we can pull together and keep each other safe.

Thank you so much for your collaboration.

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