ISB Secondary Awards Ceremony

On Thursday morning, July 13th, the secondary students had their final mentor lessons before gathering together for the second annual ISB Secondary Awards Ceremony. This event is a chance for teachers and students to recognize each other for outstanding achievement, effort, and determination.

Teachers gave speeches about students, announcing an award for each subject group.

Mentors announced who each mentor group had selected for the Classmate of the Year. This award is one given by the mentor group to someone their class who they feel has had a positive impact on their class.

And finally, Head of School Mr. Ger Rombouts announced the award for Commitment to School Life and Head of Secondary Ms. Jean Atkinson announced the award for Outstanding Endeavour.

Secondary Music Teacher Ms. Andi Strik and her music students wowed us throughout the ceremony with three choir numbers and MYP 5 student Thomas treated us to a clarinet solo.

We ended the ceremony by saying goodbye to our leavers and wishing them well, including MYP Maths Teacher Ms. Guro Jorgensen who is moving back to Norway.

Thank you to Ms. Doherty and Ms. Worrell for helping to organise the ceremony again this year. It was a great way to start the holiday. We’ll see many of you back in August!

ISB Secondary Awards Ceremony

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