Primary School Council Interview

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The Primary School Council from the International School recently visited the construction site and interviewed the foreman, Mr Alfred
van der Schans, about the work currently underway and how the project is progressing.

Practical questions
The questions reflected the main concerns and interests of the children from Primary and focused on practical issues such as the materials being
used, the size of the new school, the building schedule and most importantly, how soon they would actually be able to see their new classrooms.

Which materials are used for the building?
Mr van der Schans announced that the school would be built using a total 51 concrete walls over three stories, some of which we can already see in place.
Of course, other materials such as concrete, cement, wood, steel, aluminium would also be required in the construction of the building. He
admitted that the weather and availablility of building materials has had an impact on the construction running to schedule, but was optimistic
that the frame of the building would be in place before the summer, and only after that would work on fitting out the interior begin.

When will we move to the new classrooms?
Mr van der Schans showed the School Councilors the architect’s plans of their new school and was able to point out exactly where their new classrooms
would be located. They were thrilled to hear that by the end of week 12, the steel girders should be in place after which work on placing the concrete
floors, internal walls and the roof could begin.

After some tough questioning from our curious Councilors, they were able to get the answer to the question on everyone’s lips as Mr van de Schans
revealed that if everything goes according to plan, the children should be able to move into the new ISB building before the end of 2018.

Thank you to Rhys (Y1), Keira (Y2), Conner (Y3), Aikaterini (Y4), Samyak (Y5) Frederique (Y6) and, Evy (Y6 and representative of our Early Years’
students) for putting forward such pertinent questions to Mr van der Schans and reporting back their findings in order to bring us all up to
speed on the building work.

Primary school council interview

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