School community plans for the future

International education consultant Richard Gerver visited ISB last month to work with the school team on mission development and visioning. ISB recognizes that a healthy and vibrant school is a result of a community that is willing to collaborate and work together in the best interest of its mission. In this case, the goal is to educate children to be responsible, global citizens in a stimulating and inviting learning environment. Therefore, all members of the school community were represented on the first day of the two-day event, including students, parents, staff and teachers. Stakeholders in the ISB community had a chance to speak about their hopes for our new school.

On the second day of Gerver’s visit, the educational team and staff got hands-on and tried to practically apply the inspiration and enthusiasm from the previous day’s reflection. The team created a list of goals and is planning to meet periodically over the next few months before the summer holiday. While we have a lot of goals and ideas for the next school year, at the forefront of our minds is ensuring the family-like atmosphere we have developed over this first year while our dynamic school community grows.

Richard Gerver will continue to work with ISB as an external advisor at the school grows and develops in the coming years.

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