Sinterklaas event

On Saturday the 12th November we were invited by our Gemeente here in Breda to enjoy all the fun and excitement of Sinterklaas. For many of our international families this was their first experience of Sinterklaas.

We had a very warm welcome by all involved. Our families enjoyed traditional sweets and hot chocolate in the town hall. Afterwards we had a short welcome speech by Alderman Boaz Adank. Next we enjoyed the show in the city centre and saw the arrival of Sint and his helpers. Afterwards all the children met Sint and his Pieten. We sung traditional songs and all the children were delighted to find special gifts in their shoes.

A huge thank you to all the people who made this event so special for our families, particularly our hosts from the Municipality Marcelle Den Hooglander, Marleen Graaf and Alderman Boaz Adank.


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