Out of School

ISB Out of School Clubs 2018-2019

The ISB is pleased to offer a range of out-of-school clubs before and after school for our children in Nursery through to Year 6.

The aim of our out-of-school clubs is to provide children with a fun way to start or finish the school day, offering them a stimulating educational and safe environment that includes a variety of supervised activities. The clubs also provide parents with a perfect solution to find that extra hour in the day whilst at the same time enabling their children to enjoy a range of enriching activities.


Sunrise Club
Sunrise Club

Our Sunrise Club begins before school at 7.30 am and continues until 8.40 am when the children will join their respective classes.  Children will be under the guidance of our Club Supervisors before school begins at 8.45 am and are expected to have had breakfast before coming to the club.



Sunset Club
Sunset Club

Our Sunset Club begins immediately after the end of the school day at 2.45 pm and will continue until 4.30 pm.  Children joining this club will be offered a variety of fun activities offered by our Club supervisors to help them wind down after a busy school day.



Sunset Plus Club



Our Sunset Plus Club runs between 2.45 pm to 5.00 pm, offering an extra half-hour for children to play.  The focus will be placed on individual leisure activities during this time.


Please note the ISB Sunrise, Sunset and Sunset Plus Clubs fall under the label of extra-curricular out of school clubs and not under “childcare”. This means they do not qualify for fiscal benefits.

Children may be registered for any of the above clubs on a fixed-day contract.  Fixed day means that the child is registered on specific days of the week for a minimum of one month and generally for a pre-determined period of time.  The child is guaranteed a place in the club for which he/she is registered. The school requires a month’s notice to change the terms of this contract (it is not possible, for example, to switch days without prior notification and agreement).  Parents will be invoiced on a monthly basis, calculated on the number of days the child was registered for the club but will exclude teacher training days, short school days and public holidays when the regular Sunrise, Sunset and Sunset Plus clubs are closed.

If places are still available, parents are able to register their child for one of our out-of-school clubs at short notice as and when required.  We request that parents provide at least 24-hour notice before registering their child for a club, although we will try to accommodate parents wherever possible. Given that we need to ensure we have sufficient members of staff in place, please note that we are unable to guarantee a place for your child.