Learning celebration assemblies are held every few weeks and provide the children from Reception to Year Six with the  opportunity to come together and celebrate their achievements. It is a time when the children are able to showcase the special talents and learning.

Children who have earned certificates for Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Spellodrome will receive them publicly so that their peers can celebrate their successes with them.

It is, however, equally as important for children to learn that successes don’t have to be academic. As part of our focus on social and emotional aspects of learning, teachers and primary children have the opportunity to award a certificate to a child or group of children who has worked particularly hard, overcome a specific challenge or demonstrated an act of kindness

During the assembly, the children will sing together and perform songs that have been learnt in their music lessons. 

Every class participates in one class assembly and is given an opportunity to share their learning. Parents and family are invited to attend these assemblies to share in and celebrate these achievements with the class.  Information on the dates can be found in the school calendar; the format and location of the assembly is confirmed  by the class teacher.