Dutch language learning

Every child is given the opportunity to learn Dutch with a native Dutch primary school teacher. All the children are taught Dutch language and Dutch culture. The Dutch language lessons are separated into ability groups to ensure that your child receives the right level of challenge and support:

  • New to Dutch
  • Intermediate
  • Native Dutch (native or near native)

During language lessons, the children learn basic conversation through games, songs, drama and activities. If your child is a native Dutch speaker, they will have separate language classes, tailored to the individual needs of each child.

Dutch culture lessons will enable your child to learn about a variety of Dutch customs and traditions, including Dutch food, Koningsdag, Carnival, King’s Day and (the story of) Sinterklaas.

We believe in the importance of experiencing Dutch customs first-hand and we encourage and enable our children, and their parents, to do so, for example: joining the Carnaval and Sint celebrations at our Dutch primary partner, the Dr De Visser School; or as guests of the local council at the town hall for the city’s official Sinterklaas parade.