Information Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is integrated into every aspect of the curriculum to enhance your child’s learning experiences. Children use a wide range of ICT tools and information sources to support their work in other subjects.

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard, a set of iPads and we have a trolley of laptops available for the children to use, to follow up on, and practise, the skills they have learnt in class.

The focus of the ICT curriculum is Digital Literacy, where your child learns to use ICT tools to perform tasks effectively in a digital environment. This literacy includes not only the ability to read and interpret media (text, sound, images), but how to reproduce data and images through digital manipulation, as well as how to evaluate and apply new knowledge gained from digital environments.

Your child will develop their research skills so they can decide what information is appropriate for their work. They will begin to question the plausibility and quality of the information availability, enabling them to make educated judgements about information they find online.

Besides research, your child will also learn how to use ICT to collaborate, communicate and create – all essential skills required for the 21st century.