Music and Drama

Music and Drama is one of the strengths of our primary school. We have talented musicians among our staff members and our children. Our specialist music teacher, Mrs Anya Roeling is a key member of the team.

Your child will have at least one music lesson per week led by our specialist music teacher and additional music content is integrated into some IPC units.

During our Learning Celebration Assemblies, we all sing one of the songs we have been learning and encourage our parents to join in.

Music concerts and performances are held throughout the school year, enabling our children to enrich their understanding of music and to gain greater confidence in performing. At least once a year, all of the children take part in a large-scale performance, involving songs, dancing and acting.

When your child reaches Year 6, they will participate in a special production to mark the end of their primary education. Our parents, secondary students and friends from other classes in primary are all invited to share in this musical and acting extravaganza.