Mathematics is taught in an engaging, multi-sensory and interactive way. Your child will learn skills and concepts in mathematics and will be supported to use these practically in a variety of situations. Mathematics is integrated into your child’s learning in other subjects whenever appropriate.

Teachers use a wide range of different activities within mathematics lessons, which include mental maths, whole class teaching, or individual activities. Lessons are enriched with the use of computers and practical equipment. Your child will be taught how to reflect upon his or her own learning and will be actively involved in self-assessment.

Teachers consider the needs of each child in the class when planning, to ensure that all levels and abilities are catered for, including those for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL), those who require learning support, and those who are working at a higher ability level than their chronological age group.

Class teachers use Abacus Evolve, an online scheme that enables teachers to differentiate according to the needs of their class. This programme is used in international schools around the world. We also use the online maths programme, Mathletics, to further support your child’s learning. Your child will be given their own login details that they can use both at home and at school. Mathletics will enable your child to practice and develop their learning in mathematics and also gives them the opportunity to play maths games against their classmates and against children around the world to collect points. When they have achieved set levels, they are awarded a certificate. When they achieve a silver or gold, we celebrate this at our regular Learning Celebration Assemblies.  

The class teacher is able to view how frequently the children use the site and adapt the level of maths to suit the individual child.