Physical Education (P.E.)

Physical Education (P.E.) is taught throughout the primary school, from Reception to Year 6. The curriculum contributes to your child’s overall development by helping them to a lead full, active and healthy life. It also helps them to form a positive image of themselves and enables them to become more confident.

P.E. is a vital and unique part of the curriculum. It develops your child’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. P.E. promotes an understanding of how the body works in action and involves thinking, selecting and applying skills. It promotes a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle thereby enabling your child to make informed choices about physical activities throughout their life.

P.E. in Reception
The physical development of a child is vitally important. We provide opportunities for your child to take part in a range of activities that offer physical challenge, both indoors and outdoors, using a range of equipment and resources. We use the Early Years goals to plan and assess the physical education for our younger children.

P.E. in Years 1-6
Each class has two timetabled P.E. sessions per week. During their lessons, your child will learn invaluable skills and will be introduced to a range of different sports, including football, rugby, trampolining and cricket.

All the children have one fitness activity every day. In addition, our school strives to offer pupils opportunities for games and sports clubs outside of the curriculum, either through the provision of after-school clubs or by directing you to other organisations and clubs that provide out of school sports coaching and facilities.