School Council

We are very proud to have our own school council. The purpose of the school council is to give the children real responsibility and the power to further improve our school. Our children know our school best and they also know how best we can continue to improve and develop.

Children in Reception to Year 6 have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a School Councillor. If your child wishes to, they can make their own campaign that involves canvassing their classmates, making posters, stickers and presenting their ideas to convince their peers to vote for them. Regardless of whether your child wants to be a School Councillor, they will be involved in voting in the elections and learn about the process.

The successful School Councillors meet regularly and also join with our Secondary School Councillors to discuss whole school initiatives. Each year, our School Councillors visit the local City Hall in Breda, where they have a tour and experience how a real city council operates.

Primary School Council