Special Events

Throughout the school year, we hold a number of special events, designed to further develop your child’s learning outside the classroom. When appropriate, we join the whole primary school together to give your child the chance to mix with and learn from the children of other ages. We are always keen for parents and carers to get involved and our class parents and Parents Association provide a lot of support for these events.

During the school year, your child’s class will go on a variety of exciting and educational school trips designed to enhance their learning, sometimes along with other classes within primary. Past trips have included Technopolis, European Space Agency and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam as well as trips to visit local businesses such as Van Lier Shoes and Jan de Rijk Logistics.

In December, we celebrate the holiday season with a range of non-religious Christmas activities, including a visit from Santa and an end-of-year party.  To celebrate as a whole school, we have introduced the Winter Wonderland end of year concert where Primary comes together with Secondary and puts on a special performance with students and staff to which parents are invited,

At the end of each academic year, our Parents Association, in collaboration with our School Council, organises an international summer picnic. This is a wonderful event where the whole primary school gets together with staff and parents to taste delicious foods from around the world and enjoy special events to celebrate the end of the school year.