Core Elements

Extended Essay
The extended essay is a major independent research project focused on one of the subjects taken by your son or daughter. It is a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge on, and enthusiasm for, a topic of their choice.

The extended essay takes about 40 hours to complete and culminates in the production of a formal piece of structured writing. It is a compulsory element for all DP students and is externally assessed against prescribed assessment criteria.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)
CAS is a core element of the programme and is managed by the CAS Coordinator. Your son or daughter will spend three to four hours per week involved with CAS experiences over the course of the two-year Diploma Programme. CAS experiences are real, purposeful experiences which have a significant outcome. Students learn by personal experience and their progress is logged by the CAS Coordinator/Advisors. Please visit our CAS website at for more information.

Theory of Knowledge
The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course can best be described as a critical thinking course. It is the third core element of the DP and will challenge your son or daughter to reflect on issues related to knowledge. It is assessed by means of an essay and a presentation related to knowledge issues.