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We are happy to be working together with the Nieuwe Veste library in Breda . The membership card our students receive offers them access to all the services the library has to offer, including checking out physical books, e-books, and audiobooks, and use of their selection of databases like EBSCO, GALE, Proquest, and Literom. Some teachers will refer to these databases in their classes.
To activate your Nieuwe Veste account, follow this link for an instruction. The document also shows you how to navigate to a number of useful areas on their website.

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“It’s Alive!” Frankenstein. Dir. James Whale. Perf. Boris Karloff. 1931.

I walked into the Library on Monday morning after the break and took moment to consider what a huge step forward ISB has made by committing this space for the purpose of a school library. It was important to keep thinking positively that day because the stack of boxes representing the amount of work that needed to be done was enormous. Together with a colleague, we opened, sorted, and shelved every book that had made it to the Library during the move. Even on the temporary bookcases, the empty room started to look more lived in. 

Throughout the day on Tuesday, the students came through the library during their tours of the new building. Admittedly, the place wasn’t much to look at, but having noticed the tables and chairs, a few DP students came back during their free hours and asked if they could sit and study there. It was the first sign of life.

Friday afternoon I was teaching in the classroom next to the Library when a student knocked on the door. “Ms Schuurman, is it okay if I borrow a chair from your classroom? There’s not enough seating in the Library.” I nearly tripped over myself giving him that chair. I peeked in a bit later and took a mental snapshot I will never forget. Even without the new furniture, without the new books, without an adult in the room keeping them on task, the ISB Library was alive with students thinking, collaborating, researching, communicating, and above all, learning.

We may still be under construction, but we are also open for business. 

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Merrilee Schuurman
Ms. Merrilee Schuurman
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