MYP Subject Groups

All our MYP students study English and Dutch.

Language and literature (Language A) – for native speakers
English and Dutch.

ISB Secondary Language

Language acquisition (Language B) – for second language learners
English and Dutch. From MYP2, students have the opportunity to add a Language B course, either Spanish or French.

History (MYP1-5), Geography (MYP1-5) and Economics (MYP5). From MYP5 students select 2 out of 3 humanities, choosing from Economics, History and Geography.

Integrated science (MYP1-3), Biology, Chemistry and Physics (MYP4 & 5). From MYP5 students select 2 out of 3 sciences, choosing from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

ISB Secondary Lab


Visual arts, Music, Drama (MYP1). From MYP4 students make a more specialised choice in the Arts by selecting Visual arts or Music.

Physical and health education


The Final Year
In the final year of the programme, your son or daughter will complete a year-long personal project based upon a passion or learning interest. The personal project is a chance for them to demonstrate and integrate all they have learned thus far in secondary school.

It is an independent piece of work that is the culmination of the student’s sustained involvement with the six global contexts. It may be a documentary, an event, or another form of expression. The topic is chosen in consultation with the personal project coordinator and your son or daughter will have their own advisor to support them through the process.