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Hello, my name is Claire Cant and I am the Admissions Manager here at the ISB. Originally from the UK, I moved to the Netherlands with my family in the Summer of 2016. Both of my daughters attended the ISB, my youngest daughter made the move to a Dutch secondary school in 2019 and my eldest graduated with her IB Diploma in Summer 2020.

I have been in the position you now find yourself in and therefore can appreciate the challenges you and your family may face when moving to a new country and finding the right school for your children. In my experience as a parent, I have found the school and students here to be incredibly welcoming and supportive. Our educational team is dedicated to providing an atmosphere that is both challenging and inspiring and strive to motivate each student according to their needs.

If you think the ISB may be the right choice for your children, please continue to the application process at the top of this page, you should find this a straightforward process, however, if you have more questions before you wish to proceed then please contact me on 

After the initial contact I will be happy to arrange a visit to the school for you and your children, when it will be possible to meet with members of our Leadership Team to discuss your needs and expectations in more detail. We understand that it may not always be possible to arrange a face to face meeting especially if you are still living abroad, in this case we can arrange a video or telephone meeting.

Please take your time to browse through the Website where you will find a wealth of information when following the many links.  Feel free to contact me if at any time during the process you have any unanswered questions.

I am available each week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in my absence it is possible to speak with our Reception team who may be able to assist or take a message for me.

Kind regards

Claire Cant
Admissions Manager

Admissions Process

Step 1 – First Contact
The admission process begins when you first contact the ISB. We ask that you begin by completing an inquiry form through our admissions portal. Once we have received this form, we are happy to answer any specific questions you may have, either by email or telephone and/or can organise an appointment to visit the school.

Step 2 – Introductory Meeting
We encourage you to visit our school and meet with a member of the education team. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible, due to the logistics of living in another country. In which case, we are available by phone +31 (0)76 560 7870 or by email We can also arrange a meeting via Skype as an alternative option.

Step 3 – Admission Application
Once you have decided that the ISB is the right school for your child, please complete the general admissions application and the relevant supplementary forms through our admissions portal. You will also be asked to provide:

  • A copy of your child’s passport
  • Copies of your child’s most recent school reports
  • Confirmation that your child qualifies for admission to the ISB as per our admissions policy. This could be a copy of your contract or a letter from your employer. If you need assistance with this, please email or call us and we will be happy to help.

A 400 Euro admissions fee is required in order to complete the admissions process. To be considered for admission to the International School Breda, please note that a request for an admissions fee invoice needs to be send to You will then automatically receive the invoice with an invoice number which you need to quote with your payment.

NOTE; failure to quote the invoice number may mean that your payment will not be allocated.

Payments will need to be made to SKVOB e.o. and paid in Euros. Please do not send monies directly to our school.

Only when the admission fee of €400 per family is paid can we confirm the enrolment at our school or a position on the waiting list. This fee is non-refundable and does not form part of the school fees; it is a one-off payment to cover the costs of the admission process.

Step 4 – Confirmation
Once we have received all the admissions documentation, our Admissions Committee will meet to determine whether we are able to offer your child the education he or she requires. The decision of the Admissions Committee is based on the information you provide, so please forward any additional information you think is relevant. Our education team feel it is important to meet with you and your child prior to confirming a place. If you have not already visited the school, you will be invited to meet with either the Head of Primary or the Head of Secondary, where possible. Please note this is not an assessment or an interview.

On the advice of the Admissions Committee, it may be necessary for your child to undertake some additional assessment prior to placement being offered. If this is required, we will do this as soon as is possible. We will contact you to discuss and arrange a suitable date.

As soon as the Admissions Committee has made a decision, we will contact you to confirm the outcome. If placement is offered, we will send a letter of confirmation and inform you of the ways in which you can settle the school fees.

For enrolment in the school year 2020-2021 we can only confirm places from April/May 2020 onwards, with the exception of our Nursery. Upon completion of all the above steps we can give you a place on the waiting list. Places will be confirmed to those who are on our waiting list on a first come, first served basis from April/May onwards.
The reason for this is that we want to keep spaces open for those wishing to enrol during the current school year.

Year Group Placement

On joining the ISB, it is school policy to place children according to age. Any exception to this may be discussed with the Head of Primary or Head of Secondary and any decision to place a child in a different year group will only be made if it is in the child’s interest.

School Year Comparison | 2019-2020

School Year Comparison | 2020-2021

Admissions Policy

Children and students qualify for the ISB if they are members of the international community who need to be educated in English to ensure continuity of education. The ISB is a member of the Dutch International Schools organisation.

According to Dutch law, access to a Dutch International School is open to:

  • Children from another country who reside in the Netherlands for a temporary period while their parents are employed in the country.
  • Dutch children who have been in international education while their parents had employment overseas.
  • Dutch children who are planning to be educated overseas in the foreseeable future due to their parents’ employment outside of the Netherlands.

Dutch International Schools can also offer the IB Diploma Programme to regular Dutch and Belgian students.

Dutch International Schools provide primary and secondary education for children of internationally-mobile parents of all nationalities. Dutch International Schools offer international education in an international environment, embedded in a Dutch context. The language of instruction is English.

Points of clarification;

  • Applicants, who fulfil one of the above admissions policy criteria, but live in Belgium, can also apply, however priority will be given to those applicants who reside in the Netherlands, whilst the school is subsidised by the Dutch local and national government in support of company relocations from the international community to companies established in the Netherlands. Belgian applicants will be automatically placed on our waiting list and once all residents in the Netherlands have been enrolled, we will open the places remaining to those living in Belgium. This will be around April/May time for a new school year and does not apply for in-year applicants which we will accept if places are available during the year.
  • Applicants who have a place at a Dutch or Belgian school but wish to switch to be educated in English according to point 3 of our admissions policy will also be placed on our waiting list and only be offered a place if these are available after placement of all students who are unable to be educated and have no place in a regular Dutch or Belgian school. There are always exceptions to this rule and in that case please contact the admissions department.

School Fees

School fees information