About ISBite

“You are what you eat”. Though we hear this saying all the time, it is sometimes necessary to slow down and let the importance of it sink in. We live in a time that is fast paced. For many people, to take the time to prepare fresh, healthy, balanced meals, is not a luxury they can afford. As a school, this is where we step in to help you. ISB also firmly believes in the social and emotional benefits of eating together. Sharing lunch together every day will bring our students closer as a community, open up dialogues and their understanding of each other and it places emphasis on equality.

The science behind healthy eating clearly shows that children who eat a healthy, wholesome, and fresh lunch are less tired and tend to perform better at school and other activities. Our meal plan will also ensure that our children receive the required intake of vegetables and vitamins every day.

‘Healthy eating and living’ is one of our Primary school developments which was introduced to teach our children the importance of nutritious food. We do this by being involved in various activities such as the European Union Fruit and Vegetable and Healthy Breakfast initiatives. Our lunch service will extend this theme into the school day.


To help us in our quest to be the Dutch pioneer of providing our international students with a fresh, tasty, home cooked hot meal at lunchtime, we found our ideal partner in an experienced, innovative, catering partner; Markies Catering.

Markies Catering

Markies is a real family owned business located in Brabant with more than 25 years of experience in educational catering with around 500 professionals at more than 200 educational institutions (VO & MBO) throughout the country!

Markies Catering was established in 1996 and has grown to become the largest education catering specialist in the Netherlands. They are also the market leader in secondary education. Markies Catering is a subsidiary of Appèl. Appèl provides contract catering in more than 160 company restaurants and is one of the most innovative service providers in its sector.


Primary : Payment is included in the annual school fees.
Secondary : Payment at the counter on the day.
The lunch will offer a hot meal, portions will vary according to age.

Reception : € 4.10 per meal
Year 1 : € 4.10 per meal
Year 2 : € 4.10 per meal
Year 3 : € 4.65 per meal
Year 4 : € 4.65 per meal
Year 5 : € 4.65 per meal
Year 6 : € 4.65 per meal
Secondary : € 5.00 per meal


Markies Catering wants to encourage students at school to make the right, healthy choices when it comes to food and drink, and show them that responsible nutrition is tasty and fun.

We will introduce a fresh daily international menu which will include a main course and fruit water.

The menus take in consideration dietary requirements and the different cultures within the school. Every week there is a new menu which ensures that the same dish is never presented twice within a four-week cycle; each week, the dishes are unique! Our menus always meet the following conditions:

  • They meet all the necessary health and sustainability standards and guidelines.
  • There are always two variants available of which at least one is always vegetarian.
  • The dishes are prepared daily, fresh and on-site.
  • There is always room for flexibility; even if one does not have a subscription, everybody is still welcome to purchase lunch on the day itself.
  • We offer a to-go option, for example, for teachers who do not want to eat in the restaurant among the students but in their classroom or the staffroom.
  • If there are current themes within the school (or society), the menu cycle is adapted to those themes.

Questions about the menus and/or the catering service can be sent to catering@isbreda.com

Secondary students

Our goal is to offer all of our students the opportunity to enjoy our delicious hot meals. In addition to the menu, a side assortment is also available such as soups, sandwiches and hot bites. This side assortment provides more enrichment and flexibility. Even when lunch is taken from home, you can always purchase something fresh as an extra. But the side assortment can undoubtedly be used to put together an entire lunch.

If you have a question and/or remark you can send an email to catering@isbreda.com.