About ISBite

“You are what you eat”. Though we hear this saying all the time, it is sometimes necessary to slow down and let the importance of it sink in. We live in a time that is fast paced. For many people, to take the time to prepare fresh, healthy, balanced meals, is not a luxury they can afford. As a school, this is where we step in to help you. ISB also firmly believes in the social and emotional benefits of eating together. Sharing lunch together every day will bring our students closer as a community, open up dialogues and their understanding of each other and it places emphasis on equality.

The science behind healthy eating clearly shows that children who eat a healthy, wholesome and fresh lunch are less tired and tend to perform better at school and other activities. Our meal plan will also ensure that our children receive the required intake of vegetables and vitamins every day.

‘Healthy eating and living’ is one of our Primary school developments which was introduced to teach our children the importance of nutritious food. We do this by being involved in various activities such as the European Union Fruit and Vegetable and Healthy Breakfast initiatives. Our lunch service will extend this theme into the school day.


To help us in our quest to be the Dutch pioneer of providing our international students with a fresh, tasty, home cooked hot meal at lunchtime, we found our ideal partner in a young, experienced, ambitious, catering partner; Moekes Maaltijd.

Moekes Maaltijd

Our selection process was stringent and we looked into all aspects of health, hygiene, nutrition and let’s not forget, taste! Moekes Maaltijd was chosen after meeting all the prerequisites. They proved their expertise by:
Their experience in working with 8,000 children per week, providing them with hot wholesome meals.
Their use of 100% natural cooking ingredients with zero additives.
Their commitment to serving tasty meals with almost 95% of the ingredients being organic.
Their adherence to strict food safety regulations and guidelines for children’s food.


Primary : Payment is included in the annual school fees.
Secondary : Choice on a pre-order pay basis through the school website or at the counter on the day (we start with 10 meals max a day).
The lunch will offer a two-course meal and in addition, a drink. Portions will vary according to age.

Nursery : € 3.95 per meal = € 750 p.a.
Reception : € 3.95 per meal = € 750 p.a.
Year 1 : € 3.95 per meal = € 750 p.a.
Year 2 : € 3.95 per meal = € 750 p.a.
Year 3 : € 4.50 per meal = € 850 p.a.
Year 4 : € 4.50 per meal = € 850 p.a.
Year 5 : € 4.50 per meal = € 850 p.a.
Year 6 : € 4.50 per meal = € 850 p.a.
Secondary : € 4.50 per meal = € 850 p.a.


We will introduce a fresh daily international menu which will include a main course and a dessert. The menu will comprise of meals made from mostly organic vegetables and whole wheat produce and will include about 10% meat, chicken or fish. 15 rotating menu weeks will be offered seasonally. The main course will be a hot meal with a side of vegetables or sourdough bread. Taking allergy and health concerns into account the meals provided will not include nuts, pork, sugar and artificial additives. We will also offer smoothies, yoghurts or fruit everyday as dessert.

Vegetarian options will also be made available.

Our meals are influenced by Michael Pollan (“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food’) and Jamie Oliver (“Sharing proper meals in schools, Educate children on healthy food). Moeke’s follows the European legal regulations & guidelines in children’s food. Questions about the menus and/or the catering service can be sent to catering@isbreda.com

Secondary students

Our goal is to offer all of our students the opportunity to enjoy our delicious hot meals. The secondary students may opt for meals on a pre-order pay basis by choice. A meal can only be collected/consumed during the regular lunch break. 

                              ** CHANGE IN THE ORDERING SYSTEM AS OF 21st OCTOBER 2019 **

How to Pay Online

Click on ‘menu of the week’. Fill in your details and indicate on which day(s) you wish to have your meal. You will be automatically sent to a payment module (IDEAL and Bancontact only). You will receive a confirmation after payment.

If you would like order frequently we recommend to order online as follows: 

  • order any day from Friday 18.00h to Thursday the following week. The week selection is on the website.
  • ordering is not possible on Friday until 18.00h so that we can process the orders and make the next menu available on the website.

The school’s Supervising Officer will send the order details to Moeke’s Maaltijd and they will ensure that your hot, fresh meal is ready for you to enjoy on the day(s) of your choice. If you have a question and/or remark you can send an email to catering@isbreda.com.

Fancy a meal during lunch break but you haven’t ordered yet?

Our caterers would like to give our secondary students and staff the opportunity to buy and pay for a meal on the day you feel like ordering one and you haven’t used the online system yet.

As a temporary solution you can pay by filling in this form on your phone at the counter and show the caters or school’s reception the confirmation email: