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Brabant Road Safety Label

22 June 2023

Last year the ISB was awarded the Brabant Road Safety Label. The Brabant Road Safety Label (BVL: BrabantsVerkeersveiligheidsLabel) was introduced this part of the Netherlands (Brabant) in 1997. The aim of this project is to improve road safety among children and young people by paying structural attention to traffic education in schools.

BVL approaches this issue on all fronts: from local policy to traffic education in the classroom,  from traffic behavior in and around school grounds to support by the police and traffic safety organisations. The BVL team assists local authorities and schools in improving the quality of traffic education. BVL also awards a quality mark to schools meeting the criteria for an enduring and safe way of providing traffic education in schools.  ISB Primary regularly provides traffic education.  Most recently primary children in Year 6 worked on their cycling proficiency.

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