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Mission, vision & values

Our mission

We aspire to facilitate the best possible education and experience for all our students to suit their identity. We care for and value each individual in our school and we respect who we all are. We foster curiosity, confidence and love for life-long learning.


Our vision

We guide our students to:

  • be confident, self reflective and comfortable taking risks
  • prepare them for further studies and continued learning
  • build on their sense of equity and caring to connect with their communities
  • become leaders and communicators of change, working towards a sustainable future


Our values

  • Collaboration: we work together, celebrating the success of others
  • Creativity: we use our imagination and apply critical thinking skills to find solutions
  • Open-mindedness: we learn from each other and welcome opinions that differ from our own
  • Reflection: we are self-aware and understand the impact of our actions
  • Respect: we treat each other and those around us with respect and we expect the same in return