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Middle Years Programme

Students who attend the secondary school at ISB follow the International Baccalaureate’s 5-year Middle Years Programme (MYP), followed by the two-year Diploma Programme.

Central to both of these programmes, and integral to our school, is the development of the students as a whole:  not only in terms of academics, but also in terms of the skills necessary to become caring, engaged and responsible citizens.

The Secondary team is motivated to challenge, support and encourage our students, exposing and nurturing each individual’s talents and guiding them to become lifelong learners.

The Middle Years Programme facilitates the connection between theory taught classrooms and practical application in the outside world.  Students participate  in service activities in, for and with the  local community in which they become advocates in areas they are passionate about.

The inquiry-based Middle Year Programme offers an approach to teaching and learning that embraces yet transcends the focus on traditional subjects, accentuating the interrelationship between them.  We aim to foster an understanding of intercultural awareness among our students, encouraging multiple perspectives, tolerance and respect.  ISB offers a strong language programme, teaching students an appreciation of different cultures and supporting self-reflection and expression.  

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Subject groups

All our MYP students study English and Dutch.

Language and literature  (Language A) – for native speakers

  • English and Dutch 

Language acquisition (Language B) – for second language learners 

  • English and Dutch. 
  • From MYP2, students have the opportunity to add a Language B course, either Spanish or French


  • History (MYP1-5), Geography (MYP1-5) and Economics (MYP5). 
  • From MYP5 students select 2 out of 3 humanities


  • Integrated science (MYP1-3), Biology, Chemistry and Physics (MYP4&5).
  • From MYP5 students select 2 out of 3 sciences

Mathematics (MYP1-3) 

  • MYP4 &MYP5 students can follow Standard or Extended Mathematics


  • Visual Arts, Music, Drama (MYP1). 
  • From MYP4 students make a more specialised choice in the Arts by selecting Visual arts or Music

Physical and health education 

Design (MYP1-3)