Welcome from the Head of the ISB Primary

Louise EversonIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the ISB Primary School on behalf of the Primary Team. We have created a safe, stimulating environment where children are supported and challenged to succeed. We have children at the heart of everything we do and understand the need to nurture the whole child both personally and academically. Our school ethos is based on respect, respecting one another, respecting yourself and our school.

We are very fortunate to have started our school from scratch in August 2011, allowing us to develop a new school with its own ethos and feeling. We are a friendly, close-knit school community that is particularly good at welcoming and settling new children. Our school has a family atmosphere and the children benefit from having a range of ages enabling them to mix with children of varying ages, to form friendships and learn and support one another.

We feel very proud of our school and the area in which we are located. We ensure our children have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, rich surrounding area. We enrich the children’s learning by taking learning out of the classroom and into the real world. We plan school trips to enhance and extend their learning.

We aim to ensure all our children’s talents are nurtured and developed. As a team we do this by knowing our children very well and adapting and differentiating lessons to ensure all children have the opportunity to be challenged and supported. We facilitate this by investing time really getting to know all our children, by planning for the individual needs of the children in our school, and by choosing themes and projects that excite and inspire children. We ensure the children are on track by assessing their progress regularly, and reviewing their targets.

While the children are at our school, we enable them to gain real experiences of Dutch culture in Breda. All children in the primary are taught by a native Dutch teachers. The children experience first-hand Dutch traditions and special days with the Dutch children from our partner school. The children join in with celebrations for Sinterklaas, Carnival and Kings Day. We actively encourage friendships from our partner Dutch school and we facilitate this by providing social opportunities to mix and give real opportunities to practise their Dutch.

We believe the role of parents is paramount for children to succeed in school. As such, we positively encourage parent involvement in school and encourage collaboration and cooperation. This takes shape a variety of planned ways, such as inviting parents to help in school, an open door policy on parents meeting (plus regular meetings), social events, whole-school training and information evenings.

We are very proud of all our children, our school and look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Kind regards,
Louise Everson
Head of Primary
Deputy Head of School

Early Years

At the ISB, we believe in igniting the imagination and curiosity of young learners. We’ve created a bright, interactive and stimulating environment full of great resources. Through enquiry, exploration and creativity, your child will learn both indoors and outside through a combination of self-initiated and adult-led activities.

Our small team is enthusiastic and comprised of dedicated and caring professionals, led by an experienced Early Years teacher. We ensure that everyone feels valued, secure and well cared for. Your child will be encouraged and supported to develop a love for learning and to have fun and enjoy success in all aspects of their learning.

Our child-centred approach is based on each child’s individual needs and abilities. We have a high teacher to pupil ratio, ensuring your child develops their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills through a carefully planned and structured programme. We feel it’s important that nursery children have an enjoyable introduction to school life to give them a solid foundation for the more formal learning they will encounter as they move into Reception and Year 1.

We value the partnership between home and school and encourage you to play an active part in your child’s education. There are opportunities for you to get involved, supporting class activities or accompanying us on school trips.

Children are welcome to join the nursery class aged 3, providing they are nursery ready (toilet-trained, no longer napping). Once your child has been offered a place, we will contact you to organise a week’s trial, which is free of charge. The trial can be diarised approximately 3 months prior to the child’s third birthday and will help to establish whether your child is truly ready to start. If this is the case, they can start after their third birthday or in some cases we may offer you the opportunity to start straight after the trial up to 3 months prior to their birthday. If your child is not ready, we will advise you accordingly and may schedule a further trial at a later date.

We know that every child is different so we offer flexibility in how your child joins our nursery class. Some children take longer to adjust and may need a couple of short sessions, with you by their side, to help them settle, while some children are ready to jump straight in and attend full-time almost immediately. We will discuss this with you and agree an introductory approach that suits their needs and personality. The number of sessions can easily be adjusted as your child settles in.

If you are interested in the nursery class at the ISB, please contact our admissions department for further information or to arrange a visit and see our school in action.

Nursery GGD inspection report 2020

Years 1-6

Children’s learning experiences should be fun, exciting and challenging. We want your child to have a positive learning experience, throughout every aspect of their school life, not just in the classroom.

Children learn ‘anytime, anyplace’ and we want to help them experience new opportunities. In addition to lessons taught within the classroom, your child will have plenty of other learning opportunities, such as special events within the school and educational school trips.

Our primary team are dedicated and experienced international educators. They are passionate about your child’s development. We make sure that every child feels valued and develops as an individual. The international aspects of our school are evident throughout everything we do and we believe it is important that our children understand the different cultures and customs of their peers.

The core areas of the curriculum in Years 1-6 are Literacy, Numeracy and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). At the ISB, we use the framework of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS) and National Numeracy Strategy (NNS), part of the Primary Strategy for England.

We value the partnership between home and school and encourage you to play an active part in your child’s education. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, supporting class activities or accompanying us on school trips.

In primary school, it’s our job to teach your child the academics, but it’s also about ensuring that they have the core social and emotional skills to succeed in life, such as resilience. By the time your child reaches the end of Year 6, they will have gained the knowledge, experience and skills to successfully make the transition into secondary school. We plan a programme of activities during the school year to enable a smooth transition into secondary. This prepares your child both academically and socially for the exciting challenges as they move into our secondary school.

The School Day

Nursery Class
The nursery class begins at 8.40am and the morning session ends at midday. If your child stays for the afternoon session, the day will finish at 2.45pm.

When your child attends nursery, they will participate in a range of activities including: outside learning, story time and all areas of the Early Years curriculum. Your child will have a focused teacher-led numeracy and literacy activity every morning. There is a strong emphasis on the social emotional aspects of learning in the nursery.

Reception to Year 6
The Primary School Day begins at 8.40am and finishes at 2.45pm for all children in Reception to Year 6.
During the first 5 minutes, the teacher will call the register and prepare the children for the start of the school day. Lessons begin promptly at 8.45am. All children begin the day with a Phonics & Handwriting lesson.

Every day, your child will also have a literacy and numeracy lesson. During the week, your child will learn other subjects through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). These include: geography, history, information communication technology and art. All children have two physical education (P.E.) lessons per week and at least one weekly music lesson.

Snacktime and Lunchtime
Each day, the children have time for a snack before playtime at 10.15am.
Lunchtime is from midday until 12.55pm. All children remain at school during this time and are supervised by a member of the ISB team. Hot lunches will be provided by our caterer Moeke’s Maaltijd.  After eating, the children, accompanied by members of staff, go outside to play. If the weather is bad, the children participate in indoor activities.