Social Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

We actively promote and teach social, emotional and behavioural skills through the SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme. These skills are essential for your child to become an effective and successful learner and a caring, respectful and thoughtful individual. The lessons will teach and support your child to gain the skills to make and sustain friendships, manage their feelings and work and play cooperatively.

Social and emotional skills are vitally important to the development of the whole child. Unless children feel happy and secure, they are not able to learn to the best of their abilities. Your child will learn to use thinking skills and discuss feelings together with the other children to guide their behaviour. During the school year the children learn about the following themes:

  • New Beginnings
  • Getting On and Falling Out
  • Going for Goals
  • Good For Me
  • Relationships
  • Changes
  • Bullying

The themes are introduced and followed through all classes in the primary school and are reinforced throughout the school day in all lessons.

During assemblies where we celebrate the children’s learning and achievements certificates may be awarded from any member of the ISB school team, or from another child, for example: for kindness, honesty, hard work, outstanding pieces of work, singing, being a good friend, etc.