Letters about Coronavirus

Please find the links of the letters with information about the school’s precautions about the Coronavirus spread. 

We will keep you updated with the latest news with regards to the ISB.

1st letter to all parents and staff (Coronavirus) – 1st March 2020

2nd letter to all parents and staff (update) – 3rd March 2020

3rd letter to all parents and staff (2nd update) – 8th March 2020

4th letter to all parents and staff (3rd update)- 10th March 2020

5th letter to all parents and staff (4th update) – 12th March 2020

6th letter to all parents and staff (5th update: school closure) – 15th March 2020

Update 31st March 2020

During the press conference it was announced by the prime minister Mark Rutte that the special measures in the Netherlands would be extended until at least the 28th April.  This means that distance learning will continue at the ISB. The May holidays start after this date, therefore these measures will be in place until the 3rd of May.

It was also announced that there was a real chance that these measures would be extended past the 28th of April. Therefore parents were advised not to book any holidays or travel around the country. 


Where can I find public information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Local : GGD : municipal health care who work closely with GPs and schools to monitor the situation. 

National : RIVM  : The Dutch Ministry of  Health, welfare and sport ,which is also available in English. 

International : The World Health Organization.

Travel : travel advice can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  


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