New Nursery class expands after just two months!

The new Nursery class will be available in the afternoons

Less than half a term after opening, the new Nursery class will be available in the afternoons from after the October holiday.

Parents of the children in the new Nursery class are so happy with the experience so far, they have requested that children be able to stay all day! At the moment, children attend nursery between 8.30 am and noon, but after the October holiday, parents can opt for their children to stay until 2.45 pm, in line with Primary School hours. One parent said ‘My daughter loves it, she’s so excited to be able to stay
and have lunch with her friends too.”

The ISB is already unique in the Netherlands by hosting Daycare as well as Primary and Secondary Schools and Out-of-School Care in one building, catering for children from 10 weeks to 18 years under one roof. ISB Daycare, provided by the Kober Groep, offers daycare in English for children aged 10 weeks to 4 years. However, many international parents look for a more structured approach for 3-4
year olds, similar to pre-school in the UK or kindergarten in the US. After talking to many international parents about their expectations and wishes for primary education provision internationally, the ISB introduced the new Nursery class in August this year.

Head of Primary, Miss Everson said, “We are proud of our strong relationships with parents and we are extremely happy to be able to introduce the Nursery class just two years after we opened the school. The Nursery class will give the children a fun, exciting and challenging experience, which will give them great preparation for the transition to the Reception class.”

Led by Early Years specialist, Mr Kevin Maddocks, day-to-day the Nursery class is run by Miss Keri Beggs, who has worked at the ISB since it opened in 2011. The Nursery class is open four days per week, Monday to Thursday from 8.30 am to 2.45 pm.

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