Parent Association Bake Sale

Parent Association Bake Sale – A Roaring Success!

ISB PA Bake SaleThe ISB Parent Association wants to thank you all for your help in making the bake sale on Friday 6th of June a roaring success.

This would not have happened without your support by baking and bringing so many delicious cakes/muffins/cupcakes and savoury dishes.

All ISB nursery, primary children and secondary, DP students clearly enjoyed the delights and we were pleased to have enough products to even let the Mencia students join in the event, displaying and selling cakes in their canteen during their lunch break too.

We furthermore wish to thank the ISB primary and secondary and also the Mencia student councils for their support and excellent selling skills on the day.

As a result we are very proud to announce that we have raised an amazing total of €504,00!

Never before has a bake sale raised so much at the ISB. And just to reiterate; this money will be fully utilised for future events and equipment for all ISB children and students to enjoy.

Should you have any questions, comments or fundraising ideas please don’t hesitate to contact the Parent Association members in person, or via email on

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