Service as Action

Hayden, one of our MYP5 students, decided to use his personal interests and talents of writing, reading, researching, solving problems and the environment to carry out some research on the Oak processionary caterpillars who caused so much discomfort in this area last year.

Hayden tells us that 
“This action will serve a multinational community, as oak processionary caterpillars have become problems in the north of Europe. This community needs this action in order to become aware of the issues these caterpillars bring and how these issues can be minimised or perhaps even solved. Oak processionary caterpillars can harm the people amongst this community so this action will help to create a safer environment for them and their families.”

This is an excellent example of a student using their own individual skills and interests to help others.  Very well done Hayden in showing that #ISBCares.

MC Doherty
Service as Action Coordinator

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